What some drummers are saying about the book

David Stanoch -


“For drummers, fills are like the icing on a cake. They are usually tasty and sweet and it’s not uncommon to prefer them to the foundation, or cake, underneath. That fascination can sometimes lead to too much of a good thing, however.


A drum fill, ideally, is a musical device that gives direction to a musical piece by either setting up a figure played by the band or telegraphing the energy level of the next section of the form of the song being played. Over time, it has also transpired that a short drum break of, usually a bar or two, has nested in the descriptor of a “drum fill” as well.


Jim’s new guide, Filling in the Grooves, isn’t just a book. It is a multi-media learning tool on the highest-level! He has taken time and gone to great length to offer solid information that instructs on developing skills for creating fills, reference for common categorical applications of fills in a wide variety of musical styles, and Jim also allows us to indulge in a study of fills that are either already-heralded or definitely worth knowing by many of everyone’s favorite drummers!


Beyond the pages of the book there are video demo examples of the material available to easier hear and execute what we see on the page and, most importantly to me, an excellent plethora of musical performances to drum along with, play-along tracks with charts that demand focus on grooving and interpreting the music, as well as allowing space to add those tasty fills! The musical performances on the tracks are top-shelf!


I really enjoyed going in-depth on the material in this excellent resource and you will, too! It’s really well-prepared for any drummer to not only learn a great deal from but enjoy the process of doing so! Filling in the Grooves is just plain fun and will now be a staple in my teaching library. Thank you, Jim and congratulations!”

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What some drummers are saying about the book

- John Favicchia 


“Jim has created a great book here!  It truly is the ultimate guide to drum fills. Jim very clearly lays out his own great fill ideas, as well as using example fills from the world’s most famous drummers. Some highlights that really got me excited are the Go Figure section (fills that set up full band hits) as well as Famous Drummers Entrance Fills. The Play Along sections are great for students to apply all the fill ideas they practiced from the book in a “real world” scenario.

Great job Jim!!”


- Stephane Chamberland 

"I was waiting for a book like this for a long time. This amazingly well organized book fills a gap that has needed more attention. This is complete, fun and captivating! I can use this book in conjunction with all the other drum books. Jim made sure to add all the names of the drummers that are famous for the type of fills we are learning in each section. Thumbs up Jim and I recommend this book to all the serious drum teachers worldwide.”