11/8/20 I am officially a Prologix Percussion Artist!

I am so excited to announce that I am officially a Prologix Artist. Visit  to learn about all of their amazing products! Practice Proud!

11/5/20 I am announcing a Zoom drum set masterclass w/ myself and Stephane Chamberland

Please go to the events page for more information and to register! 

9. 5. 2020

Click on the blog tab up top! Here you can join my new community that will be discussing all things related to online lessons live streaming video and audio production and more!

The Hand Technique Workshop

My Hand Technique Workshop is Live Streaming every Thursday night at 7pm! Please grab your sticks and join me for a fun hand technique workout!

The Hand Technique Workshop is a gathering of drummers for the shared goal of improving hand technique in a group setting that provides a high level education, combined with inspiration that transcends learning drums!

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