Most of my coaching students call me for help with audio and video. Being focused on these items is super important to get your online teaching rig or live streaming rig together. But it doesn't matter how good your camera is or sound for that matter if your students or followers can't see you! Now I'm no lighting expert but if your room looks dull or dark and shadowy chances are you won't get many bookings. If someone does book you and they struggle to see you, well they probably wont re-book you. What we do want is bright, friendly, warm, and welcoming. Lets shed some light on this topic shall we.... : )

First we are going to discuss some simple lighting 101concepts and then I will discuss what I use for my room and provide links to those items.

First lets define some simple terminology:

  • Key Light

The principal source of light which establishes the character of the actor together with the atmosphere and mood of the scene.

  • Fill Light

Supplementary illumination used to reduce shadows, preventing them from appearing black. A luminaire that provides such illumination.

  • Practical Light

A practical light is an actual working light that appears in a scene. This can be a household lamp, a room light, Christmas lights, or any number of other light sources.

My approach, is to use a key light on me, a fill light for the shadows and some practical lights to make the room look fun colorful and perhaps interesting!

I've been using a pair of Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color LED lights for my key and fill light. These lights look amazing and are inexpensive. If you are on a budget start with one, and add a second later. The Bi-Color feature gives you a choice or blend of tungsten, yellow or warm and white.

I place my camera in the center and a light to each side of my face. This is a great way to get started without breaking the bank!

For practical lights I have some dimmable track lighting around the perimeter of the room and I've added some RGB flood lights for a wash of color and a fun background look. This is absolutely optional but can provide a great look to your setup and it makes the room look more interesting.

And last but not least for my desk where I see my coaching clients, shoot youtube videos and conduct interviews, I have a Neewer ring light that provides nice bright lighting for face to face conversations and makeup tutorials haha. I have put together my lighting options gradually over time and I try to keep improving and trying new products for all of you. I hope this was helpful and will at least get you thinking about your setup and the best approach for your workflow. Thanks for checking in. Please leave questions or comments below.



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