Zoom has quickly become one of the fastest growing online platforms for teaching, online lessons, meetings and just connecting with others. As I’m sure some of you know, zoom has made some updates recently that affect all of us that teach and collaborate musically on the Zoom conferencing platform.

Download a pdf of these important updates at the bottom of this post!

The first change, is that Zoom has taken away the ability to disable noise suppression in the advanced settings on the audio tab.

For best practices always enable original sound: this will remove noise suppression as well.

1. Click “advanced” on the audio tab in settings (preferences)

2. Check the box that’s says show in-meeting option to “enable original sound”

3. Leave disable echo cancellation and unchecked.

4. New setting as of 5.2.2 – “High Fidelity Music Mode”. Use this setting if you are on

an Ethernet connection, as this setting will use more CPU and Bandwidth from your

computer and Internet.

Please stay tuned for more information as zoom changes with growing needs of their users!

PDF download:

Download PDF • 609KB

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