In my weekly drum-set live stream last night, a good friend of mine asked this question;

"How are you bringing the track into your live stream? The mix sounds good!"

There are a number of ways to go about this.

If you are using Zoom to teach, you have the following options:

a. Join with computer audio when you start the meeting.

b. If you are using another audio source you can share computer sound and even optimize sharing for videos in the basic sharing options. In the advanced sharing tab you can share computer sound or music only!

c. If you are using an interface to connect your audio to Zoom, you can designate a channel on your interface for tracks and metronomes, and bring the audio in from an iPhone or iPad. This will give you an external source who's volume can be controlled individually.

Alternatively you can connect your music source to a small mixer and bring the mixer in through your interface. This is my preferred way to do this. I assign one input of my interface to a small external mixer and control the volume of metronomes and music individually right at my drum set. This way whether i'm in a lesson or a live-stream I can get a good mix of the drums and the track!

The other workflow which pertains to live-streaming would work much the same way as the last 2 options for your online lessons. If you are live streaming you are probably already using an interface. If you use a free program like OBS you can customize how you add audio sources. This is for more advanced users. There are however live streaming platforms that do the work of configuring things for you, but you will pay for that service.

Happy teaching and streaming!

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